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Software Mendeteksi Kebohongan Lawan Bicara (Micro Expression Training Tool)

Disini lughot cuma mau share aja ada tools buat latihan membaca micro expression pada wajah. gunanya bisa mendeteksi kebohongan dari lawan bicara anda.
When people deliberately try to conceal their emotions (or unconciously repress their emotions), a very brief--1/15 to 1/25 of a second-- facial expression often occurs, invisable to nearly everyone who has not trained with METT: the micro-expression training tool. Training with METT enables you to better spot lies, put people at ease and be liked by others, and be more successful in sales. 

Research with Schizophrenics has shown that those who have used METT are better able to recognize how others are feeling.

Despite efforts to conceal any sign of emotion that is felt-leakage may occur in very small hard to recognize fragmants of expression. These tiny changes also can occur when an emotion is just beginning, often before the person knows they are about to act emotionally. SETT can train people to "see" these important signals.

Because people differ in their visual acuity, not every one can reach the same level of proficiency.

Micro expressions tell you that the emotion is concealed. But they do NOT tell you how or why it was concealed. They may be the result of a conscious, deliberate choice in which the person knows how he/she is feeling but does not want anyone else to know. Or, as a result of repression, in which the person does not know how he/she is feeling and has been blocked from their consciousness. You will need to determine if the concealment is deliberate or unconsciousm, as they look the same. Your knowledge of the situation in which they occur should help you figure this out, or you may need to ask questions to find out.

File hasil download berbentuk .cue dan .img, mount aja pake program-program virtual cd, misal: daemon tool ato ultraiso. Jika sobat belum memiliki program tersebut silahkan download secara gratis disini.


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