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A Fine Collection of Billingsgates In A Glass Fronted Display Box

"A fine collection of billingsgates in a glass fronted display box"

I've got to be honest, I had to search out on google as to what "billingsgates" is/was.

I ended up landing on links'

And again, to be honest, it is my first time to encounter this word or this place.

I love reading interesting articles as to it fills in empty questions I've been wanting to ask the world.

According to Wikipedia, Billingsgate is a ward in the south-east of the City of London, lying on the north bank of the River Thames between London Bridge and Tower Bridge. It is found within the boundary defined by the river, Lovat Lane, Fenchurch Street, Mark Lane and Sugar Quay.

Also, according to, the Etymology of Billingsgate is an old gate and fish market of London, England.

Here is a picture of the location of the Ward of Billingsgate shown within Greater London, also provided by It is the red circle with a glow behind it.

Billingsgate now appears more to be a fish market at a port in London. Rather, a fish market in London.

Mind my honesty, but I only gave a brief description of Billingsgate. Without an explanation or reaction towards the phrase above.

I find it though not in need to be expressed even if I did so. But to add as my reaction, it must be magnificent!

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